Saturday, May 26, 2012

Re-View: Lucky You

Around my piece of the planet, green grass only starts to dominate the ground in late May and its only about now where I have finally "caught up" with everybody else on the continent season-wise. Its pondering the verdant natural carpet that leads me to my next review.

Lucky You - for Men, Lucky Brand

The Goods

In the late 90's Lucky Brand got on the bandwagon with hundreds of other clothiers, fashion houses, retailers, shops, boutiques, etc. to venture out into their own expanded merchandising. As I've mentioned before, this period of time was an explosion of nirvana in men's fashion. Mall culture caught up to the male gender and everybody who was somebody in the business wanted to rein in on the cultural shift. Often, in-house scents produced by retailers and individual brands during this era of male enlightenment, so to speak, leaned heavily in the soapy, grassy, and clean section of the athletic variety, and ended up being overwhelming or just too weak. Lucky Brand, just one of many venturing out, struck green gold in 2000 releasing Lucky You, which took the classic green scent and turned it on its 21st century head.

Perhaps its the cotton flower top note, but the first experience of Lucky You gives me an unintelligble sensation that I can only compare with fabric. Call it a bizarre mixup of the senses, but I definitely feel fabric as a "scent". Regardless of its origin or what note it may be attributed to, its a soft clean scent that helps temper down the go-to elements of a fresh green fragrance. Too often "greens" can be summed up to smelling like lawn clippings and Lucky You does a masterful job of avoiding that pitfall with its soft freshness.

Normally I'm able to pump it up a bit and drop all kinds of mad rhymes to go along with my thoughts and ideas, but Lucky You puzzles me. Another guess of mine is that the teakwood base note, also a soft, clean smell, does what the cotton flower does at top: keep the greens in line and keep the fragrance compatible to a man's skin. A gentle and almost undetectable dose of sandalwood also does some of the work in this regard.

I prefer wearing Lucky You in the morning. Yes, in the morning! If you're not a morning person, like me, rare fragrances like these can do wonders of keeping you awake and feeling clean enough to drag yourself into the nearest Starbucks for your first proper wake-up without looking like a starlet-gone-wrong photo shoot.

Argent's Random Artistic Fragrance Word Association

Parks. Gardens. Ball caps. Cargo shorts. Sandals. Flower patches. Sunrise. Garden hose. Sunglasses. Convertibles. Messenger bags. Buses. Clouds. Sidewalks. Weeds. Hair highlights. Button-ups. Converse hi-tops. FM radio.


Lucky You presents a classic green fragrance with just the right combination of warmer undertones and soft, fabric top notes to give the user a fresh sensation without being muddled down, a big danger on a hot summer day.

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