Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Mini-Post April 27th. Fuck Yeah Life

It's the early afternoon and I'm about to head out for a minimal impact Saturday. Usually you can find me primping or reading the news or making a killer breakfast (or lunch if it's late enough) on Saturday mornings. I sleep in until about 10 and don't finish my chill until around 1 or 2 pm. The place where I reside is a bizarre contradiction of time and place in every sense; it's not quite the middle of nowhere and it's not quite somewhere big, it's not the backwoods, suburbs, or an urban center by any means, but it has elements of all three. That's the product of what you get for living in a place that changed the center of town 3 times in 150 years and is plunked right in the middle of Alaska's version of the American car-transportation-loving rat race.  It's obvious that the sense of place is important in every aspect of your life and living in a place with multiple personality disorder leaves you with an uneasy, uncomfortable worldly sense.

I just finished throwing some threads in the laundry and I'm going to head out for coffee. Wearing a dorky tattoo t-shirt I'm not up to do much impressing looks-wise, I'm only out to a local joint down the road. I've got some Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf sprayed on and that's what is summing up my manner. It's new and fresh but it's relaxed and kinda hunky, if you will. Like I said, not trying to impress, but sometimes I get wrapped up and try to impress myself.

After coffee, not sure, I might engage in a couple of ink drawings. Working on new tattoo ideas and I'm also trying to create some grungey, post-modern calligraphy posters.

What am I going to get to drink?

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Very Post-Moden Post-Hiatus

Ever get the feeling that something is missing from your life? For me, it's my beloved Whiff blog. Albeit with a minimal audience and semi-diarist in its format, the Whiff brings me much joy. Thanks to the seasonality of projects in my current classic American day job, the winter is challenging for me to devote time to exploring other ventures. Thankfully spring is coming to my piece of the planet and I'm able to take in the warmer temperatures while getting back to some good old fashioned post-writing, and with some clever jockeying and calendar scrutinizing I can finally establish a year-round schedule.

My explorations into fragrance have barely begun and I'm anticipating what the future holds. I last left off at the end of summer 2012, and now is as good a time as any to rev the engines for another trip. A good burst of excitement to reinvent my wheel is that the Fragrance Foundation Awards (apparently they don't want to be called the FiFi awards anymore, something I object to just for the sake of brevity if nothing else, including the FiFis being fairly lesser known in general fashion to begin with) are coming June 12th.

I am excited that the Fragrance Foundation has created Consumers Choice categories for 2013 as part of its rebranding efforts which include a fashionable logo and media style. The two awards are part of a national ad campaign, and I hope that I am among the lucky ones who signed up early enough to receive a sample package. My only concern is that the two Consumer Choice awards have entries that are quite a different lineup from the finalists for the Fragrance of the Year awards in the various categories (women's luxe, men's luxe, women's nouveau niche, etc.) and the two packaging categories. People who become more interested in the foundation and study of fragrance via the awards might find it confusing that what is up for popular vote isn't necessarily the palate of what the foundation experts consider to be most influential that year.

From the roughly 10 shortlisted nominees in each category, the foundation selected 4 to 6 finalists in each category and they were revealed at a breakfest event on April 19th. The format of having a separate reception which incorporates all of the shortlisted houses and designers greatly appeals to my ideal of sharing the fragrance experience in a broad scale so that more designers, especially niche or indie designers who may not necessarily make the finalists' cut, have a chance to experience the community of fragrance one-on-one and share ideas. I'm not into the popular "artistic community" ethos, but there is definitely an element in that realm which fragrance needs to flourish.

But I digress. Since I am an average guy, and I tend to focus on guy things despite my occasional flights of feminine fancy, I will concentrate yet again on the men's awards. But don't think the awards is all I'm about when it comes to fragrance, I have a whole smattering of facts and trends I'm prepping to postulate for the year to come.

What's next for the Whiff?

- What's new in my collection, or "How I survived the 2012-2013 winter"

- You'll get an in-depth look at my assessment over the Consumer's Choice awards AND I'll reveal my votes.

- In-depth reviews of the critical reception for the FiFi... er..... Fragrance Foundation Award finalists.

- MetaBlind: You pick what I buy for my collection. Sometimes I can't decide, and I'd love to use some of my budget to see what the masses think I should get into blind.

- The long-awaited scent in food vs. scent in perfumery counterpoint analytical essay fun-fest.

Thanks to the one or two people who have casually glanced at the temporarily suspended in animation treatise on scent that is the Whiff and I am eagerly looking forward to more.

- Argent