Sunday, May 20, 2012

Re-View: D&G Light Blue

I'm looking forward to being able to more thoroughly review my collection, as well as document my ongoing acquisitions.

As a lead-up to my short post on the 2012 FiFi Awards, I want to review what is perhaps my favorite winner of a FiFi in my collection so far.

Light Blue - Pour Homme, Dolce & Gabbana

The Goods

I first picked up a full EDT of this gem in early 2009 when the closest Sephora to me opened. Light Blue Pour Homme makes my knees weak just thinking about it. When people think of citrus scents, they think of crisp, juicy, tangy tones that bite the senses. However, like the ever-popular orange creamsicle, Light Blue does something to the mandarin and grapefruit peel topnotes to strip them of the almost sour bite eponymous with citrus, and instead leaves the fresh, smooth, fruity body. It's this olfactory sense's tromple l'oeil that makes Light Blue sit harmoniously between summer and athletic fragrance groups: the athletic freshness without the stereotypical chill of mints, and the summer warmth without the stereotypical tanginess of citrus and sparkling spices. Middle notes add a more perfumed wood sense to the fragrance overall, but like a cloud dusted with shimmering copper, the musky base notes let the lighter scents sit on a firmer metallic base that prevents the men's version of Light Blue from becoming a feminine fragrance.

My preferred time to wear? During the height of any dry part of summer. You will have that summer scent nailed without the overdone mints (don't get me wrong, I absolutely love mints) which can fight your environs rather than complement it.

Light Blue Pour Homme won the 2008 FiFi Award for Best Fragance in the Men's Luxe category.

Argent's Random Artistic Fragrance Word Association

Commuter ferry. Peaches and cream. Yellow sand. Vines. Lamp posts. Brick arcade. Sunset. Flower shop. Tote bags. White briefs. Lip balm. Receipts. Crosswalks. Antipasti. Pencil lead. Suede.


Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana is an essential fragrance for a summer lover's arsenal. From its rounded citrus corners to its musky core, this versatile fragrance is hard to wear wrong, even in the dead of winter for those who dare to wear white after Labor Day and set fashion trends instead of follow them.

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