Sunday, May 6, 2012

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Review)

Starting a blog during the height of your busiest work season may not be the best of ideas, but I'm committed to the prospect of spending more time on my hobby.

Anydangways, let's begin the fragrant journey with my first attempt at a review. Dun dun dun DUN!

Be Delicious - Men, DKNY

The Goods

This is a recent addition to my fragrance wardrobe which completely caught me off guard. Having smelled samples of other DKNY fragrances in the past, nothing quite stood out to me in particular in the masculine side. The one scent I do remember enjoying was the original (women's) Be Delicious. The whimsical and iconic apple-shaped bottling is eye-catching and the fragrance is even more striking to the senses. Last month when I saw a full size of the men's release, which premiered in 2004, at a more discounted price I bought one sight unseen, or rather, scent unsmelled. This may sound like it's an irrational practice but to keep my tastes varied and my mind open I find it's best to dive into some labels head first just to give yourself the mobility to closely consider and experience what you might not normally gravitate to based on a fleeting sample.

Be Delicious - Men may appear to be stuck in the wood and coffee notes trend based on reading an ingredients list and by viewing its bold, brown color iconic of the 2000's, but the initial spray releases an entrapping freshness that rivals the clairvoyant and frantic emotion of any men's fragrance marketed as "youthful" or "athletic". What's so engaging about this experience is that the greener scent hues don't leave you smelling grass, but they are fresh just enough to give the deeper wood and coffee clean frame. Deeper, earthy notes aren't found the aforementioned "youthful" and "athletic" fragrances, but I'm willing to put Be Delicious - Men into an active daywear category rather than general casual based purely on its crisp energy that complements the soft neutral early 21st century vibe. Because of this contradiction I've been finding myself compelled to wear it as often as I can.

This next part of my review will be snippets of random artistic sundries that pop out from my brain based on my own experience of the scent. I find it hard to give reviews of scents justice only talking about notes and the desire to wear them, and want to delve deeper into what I know the scent to embody in my mind. I guarantee you my expressions are of the fuddy-duddy high concept art realm and wont be easily understood or appreciated (if at all), but I stand by them. This feature will be a different setup depending on my mood.

Argent's Random Artistic Fragrance Word-Association

Urban. Upcycle. Soft Noise. Paper & Pen. Hats. Wire. Boxes. Planting. Heirloom. Sunglasses. Cotton. Waistband. Hair gel. Shoelaces. Noon. Spray paint. T-shirts. Inkpad. Lo-fi. Drums.


Be Delicious - Men is captivating to an unknown degree and while its laced with light and casual tones I can't help but feel it's one of the most romantic scents I've ever experienced. The catalyst scent with a hard-to-describe mysterious aura which inspired me to write about fragrance and my collection in the first place. Thanks Donna!

Rank It Up

Although my brain and numerical value don't mix, I'll make an honest effort to maintain a scoring system just to reach out to my brothers and sisters who tend to have a more analytical thought process than I do.

7 Sprays (out of 7. Yeah, the max is an odd number and it's not 5. Deal with it)

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